Friday, July 24, 2009

Daisy Owl and The Meek

First off, I need to apologize for my break over the past few weeks especially when I usually don't take all of that much time to write reviews. Its becoming more of an inspiration thing and writing a blog that reaches maybe 10 readers can be a depressing thing. I am not saying that I garner no enjoyment from my blog but I will assure you, the blog is far from dead, far from dying and far from another planned block break. I will comment though that update times will be in pandemonium now as on Monday and Sunday I am busy so on Friday you can more likely respect an update.

Daisy Owl by Ben Driscoll

Daisy Owl is an enjoyable and simply drawn comic, much like print comics used to be except with a wit and humor that can apply to today's webcomic readers in certain strips. While the comic does not hold the amazing humor one might attribute to a KC Green comic, they hold a style to the own debating bear racism, honey science and conversations on other topics that one might normally not consider unless on some psychotropic drugs.

The art style is very simple line art, not that there is a problem with that. The complaint would be though, you can find better art in other webcomics.

Daisy Owl is not a wasted comic to read through They made a smart choice telling the origin of out order and they seem to still be getting in the grove overall but give it a shot, you might like it or you might not but chances are, it will pay off in the end.

If I were to comment on how to improve the comic, it would be a difficult thing to say. The art could be more complex, add in some line variation instead of the same what seems to be illustrator lines over and over and also add texture from time to time but doing that might destroy some of the classic appeal. It comes to the question of audience or style.

The writing is progressing well and the only really advice would be to keep it up, keep improving and just don't give up.

Daisy Owl earns a solid B for creative writing and overly simplistic art.

The Meek by D. Helmer

The Meek is one of those weird webcomics you find being created by an amateur with enough professionalism that it makes you wonder why every webcomic can't have this level of quality.

The story so far (it has only been running for a while) follows Angora, a girl from the jungle who due to circumstances not fully known at this time is being tracked in the forest. While there are tits ahoy (the comic is NSFW depending on your level of censorship) the simplest explanation seems to be she is being tracked by horny old men. Drama enough, interest is there and the comic is unfolding slowly playing its cards out nice and smooth.

The art itself is top notch, stylistic and expertly done by a person who from the FAQs section, seems to be self trained to some degree. The characters are expertly designed and it easily grabs one interest.

My one complaint would be the update schedule so you can help by supporting the artist so we can let the story unfold faster.

The comic is off to an excellent start and really has set high expectations. I hope to see this comic picking up popularity faster.

The Meek earns an A.

Up next week, Shrub Monkeys and something else.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ummm - See You Friday

I'm still on break. I returned to my dorm to discover that I am changing my room finally. Between moving and actually playing video games (my roommates have video games consoles and they share), cooking and in general not being depressed, I have not found time to write a review. I will probably change the update date to Friday though. So, check back then.

Monday, July 6, 2009

On Breakation

For once I actually have been unable to find time to read a webcomic. Off on vacation. Will see if I can find a comic to read through Thursday. Sorry.