Monday, July 5, 2010

State of the Koltreg

The second year of the blog finished without me noticing which means I was really distracted. In my defense though I have been busy. With life. And by that I mean generally dealing with depression in life which is always shitty to deal with.
Luckily I have been saved for at least 3 months, possibly more. During this period I am gonna get chapter 2 of Socialfist out, start working on that more seriously, finish the site, quit MackyDs after finding a real job and meet more people.
Part of the reason I stopped updating the blog was because I was dealing with some shitty illogical abandonment issues wherein after a three month period I literally lost all the people I hung out with to them leaving college, getting jobs or just them never being around. That kind of shit burns you because you know you can't do anything so you can end up blaming yourself.
Thanks to the inspirational magic of Akira the Don though, I was able to shape up, meet people and I remembered a punch of "smart" sayings that really only apply when I am in a good mood already.
Still, I am meeting people, exploring Pittsburgh, eating new foods and gaining weight - gotta fix that. all of that is pretty healthy considering my previous lifestyle of wasting time gaming.
Somewhere though I will find time for the blog. I will find inspiration. I will find readers. All you gotta do is sit back, relax and post in Chinese.

DAR Review

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary by Erika Moen
Life is one of those things where when you look back, you get a distorted picture. Things happen faster then and yet the effects of that review can be more damaging than a negative event before. Maybe because this time it is your fault for bringing back the memory like it is some kind of mental self flagellation.
DAR is a journal webcomic by Erika Moen, a woman, a girl. I dunno what the term is for 20 something females. I mean woman I guess is the respectful term. Erika is more of a guy though in a lot of ways. She is the most un-girly girl and the fact that she actually has a human personality makes the comic so much better to read. She deals with relationships, sexuality and everything else in a life in a refreshing way that makes it an enjoyable read.
The comic also benefits from being written at times in hindsight. This helps from not making the comic a daily struggle for ideas as other journal comics can seem such as Allan has from time to time.
The art is expressive and simple. The writing is real, as one might hope from an autobio comic and all in all it is a very good read.
Totes thumbs up for DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary. Read it, Enjoy it! A+

Side note: for whatever reason the way she draws her hair early on makes me think of Tintin, except a chick. :/ :\ So it goes.

Hahahaha. whhhhhat

I just was IMing about needing to write again. Then I was all "Origins was two weeks ago." This blog is three years old. My commenters are all Chinese spambots.

Back in a few hours with reviews.