Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Least Ad Could Do

No, I'm not reconsidering putting up ads on the blog, at least in the current version. This upcoming rant is more aimed at Least I Could Do's ad nauseam tit and cleavage campaign. Now I never really found Least I Could Do all that astounding. I tried to read through and it seemed like every hackneyed dating horror story or misogynistic fantasy continually repeated in some sort of beat of incredible sameness that I eventually discovered in Looking For Group which caused me to drop it from the list (which I just remembered.) Now, the ads if you have not seen them look like this to the left. I take it that you have already glanced at it at least 5 times. I know I have since I put up the file two minutes ago. The problems comes from the misogynistic content, context and the fact that it is visually distracting which comes as a problem when the place where they seem to be buying ad space from is web comics, a heavily visual medium. Its like if you went to a concert and then another band was playing within earshot. Distracting, ruins the experience and can annoying for the band who is getting money off of them but can't ask them to stop.  The point I am getting at though is that the ads are going to far, aren't making me want to go back to LICD since its showing the same mentality it held when I stopped reading and it is detracting from the entire experience. I guess what I will say is if you get to pick your ads, turn down LICD's ads. Show them that tit based ads aren't going to fly on your site.

Webcomic reviews should be back next week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Temporary Break

I got NetFlix and that is addictive as hell. Watching movies online and such. I've not been reading any webcomics but hopefully I can soon. Once I get my schedule in check. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm back at college now and I've been busy. Stuff on my plate for contests and projects. Everyone following probably heard about the KC Green interview which was almost a week ago. I'm currently busy with three projects but once I finish, I'll have time to read some new comics. Till then, go see Slumdog Millionaire. Also I'll post interview links here for when I do them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

08 in Nerdy Review

I figure since the year is over and I've been too busy to read too many webcomics, I'll post a semi pointless list of the top and bottom things of the last year in the classic K-blog Tradition of writing the post at night when I should be sleeping.

Top Things of 2008 in No Real Order ®:
  • The Option Key on my Macbook - Seriously, I love being able to make all the symbols with memorizing 4 button combos.
  • 4th Edition Anticipation - The videos, the previews, the Penny Arcade teamup. Honestly if the product had lived up to my standards of not being an MMO tabletop game, 4th edition itself would be on the list.
  • New Music - Current bands to follow that you might not are The Magic Bullets, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band and Akira the Don. Seeing the first two live and continuing a semi association with the third made this a good year for music.
  • Interviews - Back before I deleted the old Majorca shows, we had a repoitre of semi-famous internet people including the unflappable KC Green, Scott Smith and Scott Hepting of Slackerz, Tyson Hesse of Boxer Hockey and ....more. Honestly I don't remember. Along with that, meeting Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse also top the list.
  • Nerding - Honestly, 4th edition, a new WoW expansion, Dr Horrible and more make this a good year to be a nerd. While I don't play WoW anymore for a plethora of reason I note it due to my addiction demanding that I do.
  • Zombie - Diary of the Dead, Left 4 Dead, Monroeville Mall and more. Zombies are back in the spotlight and with the WWZ movie aparently in the works, things look even brighter.
  • Change - New politics after 8 years. Blah blah liberal junk.
  • Webcomics - I've picked up good ones, dropped bad ones, I consider this a win.
  • Superjail - Closest thing we have to a KC Green tv show so far.
  • Movies - I'm seeing more and I'm liking what I am seeing.
Bottom Things of 2008 in No Particular Order ®:
  • Wizards of the Coast - I dropped out of the Magic thing for various reasons leave me feeling jilted. My disappointment over 4th does little to assist. I'm leaning more towards indie games now. Next up, Serenity RPG!
  • The Internet - Microcosm of humanity = we are a bunch of fuckers.
  • Adult Swim Content - More crap than non crap as of now. I mean, the PJs? Not even Fox wanted them. Sure there is Superjail but most of the other stuff is horrible.
  • Fast Zombies -
  • Sloth - Why can't it be a purple squishy blob....
  • Vista - I am using a Mac now, aren't I?
  • Anime/Manga - Overall, less creativity than the Saturday morning kids cartoon lineup. Some shining stars in it but overall, avoid, avoid, avoid.
I have a list of stuff to trudge through so that means some sort of review coming next week. Till then,