Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Death List of 2011

Welcome to 2011 Koltreg Blog readers. Time for me to ignore my lack of updates and get back to normal.
In the past year I lost a good comics to the internet which died for one reason or another.
They are:
Bear and Kitten
Daisy Owl
Joyce and Walky! - actually ended

And then I am culling these from my list, partially because I don't enjoy them anymore, partially because I don't feel like checking them anymore. When a click is too much of a hassle to read a webcomic something is up.
These are:
Amazing SuperPowers - stopped being funny, removed bonus panels
Hanna Is Not A Boys Name - I never remember to check it, confusing
Kinkofry - there are like 4 comics which barely seem to update
Kukuburi - updates
Lackadaisy Cats - updates
Looking For Group - no ties to anything
The Meek - a great comic but I can't find the desire to keep reading
Shrub Monkeys - still funny but barely updates
Slackerz - two updates since the reboot 6 months ago I want to say?
VG Cats - haaaaaaah updates
The Zombie Hunters - see the Meek

Part of this is the lack of twittering I guess, I like being informed of updates on that, especially if there is no schedule. Part of it is I don't feel tied to the characters anymore and without that I don't keep coming back.

Due to my desire to write more, the blog will be somewhat back so look out webcomic people because I am ready to tear you apart!