Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Origins Report - 09

To be honest, I was a bit unsure on how to write the Origins report which may also have a lot to say about my general writing style. Just stuff on my mind.

Origins was enjoyable this year. I say this not because in the past it has been unenjoyable nor has it ever been particularly horrible but the slump in quality I had  previously seen vanished by going and actually visiting vendors. The truth is that previously for me, Origins was all about Magic the Gathering but as the long time readers know, I gave that up. No more spending hours running from card dealer to card dealer looking for more money to feed my bad habit. I still need to get rid of my cards (looking to sell for $300 or so if you would be interested) but the fact that I had no desire to return was pretty sweet. The freedom from that foul beast allowed me to branch out, pay attention to vendors and generally have a much more enjoyable time.

This year, my job was vendor hunting - essentially going from booth to booth advertising the project that I am working on. With about....100 or so booths to see and my laptop in my bag along with my tools of the trade (pen, paper, dice) I actually met some neat people and accomplished my list of personal goals. (Find a new RPG, resist buying any playing cards and have fun). Instead of giving a report on every spot  though, I'll just say I got my goals accomplished. I picked up Ex Machina for $5 (cyber-punk RPG), ended up giving away the trading cards I ended up with (they gave a good deal out), walked with a copy of Say Anything, purchased Apples to Apples and frankly had a lot of fun.

I'm not fully sure what to say. It was fun, visiting and talking to the people was fun and while it is dying (the big sponsors are leaving) with some good planning, you can still have fun.

Also the ads are sort of dead for now. Hmmmm.

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