Saturday, October 2, 2010

West Coast Avengers Mixtape

My ability to focus on reading webcomics was disrupted over the past two weeks by my vacation and thus blogging slowed down a slight amount. Still I did some nerding and as this is the nerding review blog I present a link to Adam Warrock's West Coast Avengers Mixtape. It is a nerdy mixtape of songs about the West Coast Avengers that doesn't require a full background in the Marvel canon to enjoy. Some songs though are vastly improved with knowledge such as Hank Pym, my personal favorite, but you can quickly Wikisearch them and get the idea of the character as you listen to the song.
Adam WarRock also has 3+ hours of free music to download and an album coming out soon. Give it a listen, give it a download and then give yourself a copy of his album when it comes out this month.
Next week web comic reviews or something!

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Talekyn said...

Thanks for sharing the link. I'll have to try to remember to follow it and check the songs out at some point. You know me -- I intend a lot and follow through on little.