Wednesday, June 25, 2008

D&D Review

I got really distracted for a while with volunteering at the local YMCA and hunting for a job.

Now, 4th edition has come out and I simply want to say that I do not like it. I was raised on 3.5 with a human wu jen who on the first adventure killed a tiny earth elemental by sealing it in a ball of urine and then hitting the wall with said ball. After that the elementals gave me a mark of evil or something and I was later killed but I don't see that easily happening with these new rules. My main problem with 4th edition is how restrictive of a game it is. You can tell that it is appealing to the World of Warcraft crowd more than the Elder Scrolls crowd. In Morrowind you could make your own spells, have a deep story-ish and do almost anything. In WoW, you are essentially just trying to get the best stuff you can so that you can raid. The 4th editions system if nothing else, seems to scream at me like that annoying child that some parents brought to a restaurant that you want to smack but you really can't because of social niceties and because its your child and you don't want to seem like you made a frivolous investment.
While the mainstays of the game have changed, some of the small technical changes are nice and ummm, the pages are easier to read..... Okay, its too restrictive and it comes off as a cheap way to make more money by selling material that you should get for free. I have a feeling that Gary Gygax would be pissed right now or at least partially annoyed about 4th edition. On the bright side, 3 and 3.5 editions will still be popular so I can finish my adventure and still sell it. Look forward to some previews in the future non readers.

And away for 4th edition... I really have nothing. Till next time.

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