Monday, June 2, 2008

Starting Off

Team Majorca is still growing and updating slowly and the fact that my trials of the Adobe products are almost over are not helping much. For those who stumbled here, this is my side blog as DA is a waste of time for posting news and such, Livejournal is too complicated and this came up when I Google'd blog. Either way, I hope to sometime link this to the Majorca site but this will be my spot for random crap I think of which should be copyrighted or protected somehow. If things go well, I might even post a comic or sketch on here.

Currently for me:
Top: Getting graduation money, upcoming D&D game, D&D 4th edition and the job search.
Low: Graduation party, the threat of working in corn fields and living out in the country.
Thanks: People who gave me gift money, Candin and Beck.

I can't think of anything else to post here now. I may do this once a week or so. I'll probably have something once D&D 4th edition officially drops. I'm divided on how I feel and I'll give my final say later after playing but you can expect the preliminary later.

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