Monday, July 28, 2008

Back - (A Webcomic Review-a-Thon pt 1)

It seems that the doom spiral caused from mentioning taking on the Lovecraftian-horror of a card game that is Bella Sara was too much for your intrepid hero and so he was forced to cleanse his soul, for the truly horrific card games are much like a taint, and thus was unable to acquire a full game review. Taking a leaf from some people I have teamed up with though, Koltreg has decided to do quick webcomic reviews of every comic that he will openly admit to reading! - with this being part 1 since I read about 40 comics.

1. Amazingly Average by Anthony "Ant" Bianchi
Still a developing comic but so far shows lots of potential. Anthony, a graduate of the now in Limbo Supafine shows his comic and storytelling skills based around Doherty Herring, an average girl with a wide imagination. It has been building itself and the art is fun to see. Worth your time if you want something new and different with a female main character. B+

2. Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich
A gaming comic with a recognizable style and a variety of humor ranging from the semi profound to the slapstick. The comic's greatest problem would be the author's lack of faith in what she does. Still, shes good and is able to inspire laughs from video game refugees and the fanboys alike. All she really needs is some more faith. A-

3. Bear and Kitten by Angie and Andy
....if you haven't read it already, read it now. I'm no where near as profound as the comic. Its the fanciest thing I've ever seen thats still able to do a cock joke. A+

4. Bee Power by KC Green
Bee Power should go here but it was ended. Still KC Green is KC Green and I find the guy and comic amazing. A+

5. Boxer Hockey by Tyson "Rittz" Hesse
If Disney from the Nineties had an illegal child with an overactive imagination and a sportsman, it would make Boxer Hockey. The comic is amazingly well drawn and its humor is pretty wide reaching. A

I'm tired now but hopefully I can do a game review in a bit.

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