Monday, August 4, 2008

Webcomics Review-a-thon Part 2

Last time on the webcomic show, I reviewed some comics in a fair and balanced format and people found out about it. People who I reviewed. Like Ant found out and linked me and then I interviewed "Rittz" and KC Green. Amazing!

Cartridge Comics by Chris Jeffrey and Alexandria N.
A comic that has recently come back from being dead with a large nerdy archive. The art has improved since the update but it is still picking up and getting itself together. Hopefully once he comes back the comic can pick up again. B

Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz
Dresden Codak once held a place in my heart as the greatest webcomic I had ever seen. Unfortunately he has fallen into the dangerous pitfall of internet stardom and has become a mix of mixed updates and an overly long storyline. The art is still great but I miss a variety of topics and frequent updates. Dresden Codak, where ever you are, please come back and bring back the old comic sensibility with you. B-

Drunken Philosophy by Lachlan Moore and Luke Humphris
A pair of Aussies. A comic. Zombies. Unfortunately though the comic has fallen on hard times. They've been missing updates badly and are on vacation. The art still needs some work but the guys are cool and they like to have fun. B

Dueling Analogues by Steve Napierski
....I'm going to remove this from my links now. Seriously, it almost mades God Mode look good. The comic had some good bits but overall you can do much better. C-

El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive
The comic is one of the best ones on the internet. The comic has been running for 6 years and has only moved forward about a month or so. The characters have been well fleshed out over time and seriously, despite it's furry and fetish complaint, all you need to do is act mature. It also has two bonus sections of comics. Give it a look and read a few chapters. A

Evil Inc. by Brad Guigar
In the similar strain as PVP (review coming later) the comic has run over a long period of time. The comic, unlike PVP, usually has a directly apparent joke. Unfortunately this usually involves a bad pun. Its worth a read but you can do better. B-

I haven't been able to try a new game, I do like doing this though. I've got to go expunge Dueling Analogues from my list now though.

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