Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Adventures in Drakesport Part 1

Partially to fill out my weekly blog quota and to also keep the adventure in my memory, I relate to you the event of the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign between 5:30 pm and 1 am on October 18.

5:30-7:30 Setting up the board, getting people together, making characters, getting internet connections. Had to bring down the cable internet adapter-y thing.

7:30-9 Group consisting of level 2 characters- centaur, human gold dragon shaman, human ranger and hengeyokai -hare ninja are traveling towards the fabulous city of Drakesport, home of the magical mafia, catacombs and several fine shopping areas.

Heavy storm hits the ship. Centaur wakes up, attempts to kick down the door, not seeing the latch. Ninja wakes up, turns into rabbit. Attempts horribly to start fire considering the fact that he lacks opposable thumbs. He fails. The centaur opens the door and heads out to the hallway, rabbit hiding in there also. Ranger wakes up, goes to the top deck and inexplicably rolls all 19s and 20s getting across the deck. Decides to try to steer the ship.... Crew is nowhere to be found. Shaman goes up the stairs followed by the rabbit. The ship is picked up from the water and shaken, rabbit holds onto the shaman, entire group somehow survives crash landing. Really lucky rolls.
The party wakes up to see the ship destroyed. Rabbit attempts to rob the ranger, fails and runs towards nearby cave. Dragon shaman wakes up along with centaur. Attempts by shaman to wake the ranger fail. Eventually group mobilizes. The group sees the rabbit who tries to attack... ( The rabbit is a first time player. FYI). The rabbit goes to left fork in the cave, rest of the group goes towards the right. The group enters airy water (water you can breathe in.) I forget to apply water modifiers for the whole game. The party ties a rope around the shaman, send him in. Rabbit meanwhile jumps in not caring. Party finds myconids (mushroom men.) They ignore them. Suddenly a yellow cloud enters the pool as the rabbit in human form tosses a rock hitting a myconid. Rabbit-ninja runs from oncoming myconids after taking small damage. He has like, 5 hp total. The party is surprised by the suddenly aggravated seeming myconids. They see the ninja-rabbit who the centaur grabs by the neck and interrogates. Realizing the group hasn't introduced each other yet, they decide to run through introductions. Security guard stops by and listens in for a moment. Walks on. Meanwhile, encroaching myconid swarm keeps coming after ninja who has been set down. The group decides the ninja deserves them coming after him. Ninja in a fit of luck and DM-ex Machina, rolls a natural 20 to jump. I let him jump from the water but it causes him to use his last transformation leaving him in hybrid form. The myconid spores leave him once he leaves water and they return to being docile.
The part is annoyed but decide to continue on in the former direction. The run into three aquatic goblins. Goblins are swiftly killed by the group who finds a magic bastard sword and long bow. Ranger claims the longbow, shaman claims the bastard sword. Group finds sea goblin seamen on the goblin beds and some gold. At this point, we are hungry, call for pizza, take a break. Darkbadness, secondary DM/NPC-PC complains about use eating while he is on Skype. Lololol
9-1 We return our bellies full of pizza with possibly an hour left. The basement is supposed to close at 10. The RA comes by and is placated with pizza leftovers. The group continues in the cave running into aquatic kobolds. Kobolds mention something about building and working for
a druid. Tell us to leave, one goes to talk to the boss. Meanwhile, the ranger goes back to the beach. He sees giant tentacles drag the ship, and whoever else was in the boat, underwater. For ev er. Decides to take a nap. Rabbit ninja decides to try and steal the bow. Meanwhile the shaman and the centaur kill the remaining kobolds. Sees another kobold claiming to be trapped, he has a riding dog with him. Also has a wall of normal water that causes drowning. Almost kills the two with that and magic missiles. Uses a thunderstone critically deafening the shaman. The two return to find the rabbit trying to aim the longbow (+2 str) with crossbow bolts at the sleeping ranger. The group starts fighting.
Meanwhile a myconid elder comes by putting resurrection spores on the dead goblins. Annoyed, he uses calming spores so the party stops arguing and the ninja breaks the longbow and changes from NE to NN since it was to help the party and he also did some other "good deeds". The group suddenly sees the kobold from before talking to the myconid who summons the now undead goblins and kobolds to fight. The kobold sorcerer enlarges the myconid elder. The shaman runs over killing the kobold sorcerer. The centaur kills the myconid elder thereby defeating the undead goblins and kobolds. Bodies are looted.
The ninja runs back to where the kobold mage had been and loots the room finding fat stacks of cash. He also adopts the riding dog as his own pet and finds the kobolds kitty familiar, dead. Then a half-orc comes and declares his intentions to rape said ninja and then proceeds to beat the crap out of him and his dog. The rest of the group shows up and the centaur is also knocked out. The half-orc goes into a rage and starts getting pissed. Then the shaman kills him and uses his healing aura to bring the others back to half of full life. Loots the half-orc.
With the group back at half full health they head back to the final corridor. Here the secondary DM, Darkbadness takes over his character sending a snapping turtle and stingray to spy on the group apparently. They all roll horrible spot checks not noticing the druid doing this. They then run into another half-orc who beats up the centaur, shaman and dog before they decided to vamoose. The druid does the evil, "Until we meet again." The ninja and ranger then heal the party who except for the ninja heads the exit the druid and half-orc and turtle and stingray didn't go. The ninja finds a book and a fancy pipe and that the exit is blocked by driftwood. The group then exits to find the city of Drakesport and somehow all climb the ladder to the main part of town.
Thanks to Darkbadness for helping out with the starting adventure for the city. It was a good way for the group to work together. They all pulled in over 2000 (2006) exp causing them to level up and we called it a night since the RA kicked us out.
This didn't have all the stuff they pulled but enough of the important stuff they wont just sell.
Up next in two weeks, Jail.

The Adventures in Drakesport is copyrighted sort of me, if you would like to try the campaign, send me an email or an IM.

Edit: Myconids, not Mycoloths

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