Sunday, October 5, 2008


Finally off at college, I have a rather large dorm room and am currently on a non railed bunk bed. Thank god I don't roll around on bed anymore. Also, watched the second Harold and Kumar. SPOILERS NPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS


The webcomic Holy Bibble is apparently quitting in the next few days. There loss will be felt by people who knew they still updated. Frankly, I am sad. I wanted to see the Book of Revelations comic.

I'm dropping Menage a 3 from my list. It had originally claimed to be full of nerdy humor and tits. Both of those were intriguing to me. Then it became a nonstop battle between two characters which frankly doesn't make me give a crap about the characters. Yes they love whatever the big tittied woman is named but frankly, if you want a nerdy romance comic, I'd base it more like the now defunct No Pink Ponies. Yes the art is nice but the story is crap. I gave it three weeks to improve- nothing changed. :|

Allan over at Allan needs your support so go on and stop on by. Donate for some color and/or vote for Top Webcomics.

Also, you might just read some Supafine now. READ IT.

I've also been working with Hero Labs for my upcoming D&D games. As much as I love the program, the execution is pretty hard to use at times, the tiers system isn't fitted for epic level characters and frankly, I'm annoyed that I took so long to use it. In attempting to create the Ghoul/Ghast Monster Class from Libros Mortis, it took about an hour, mostly since there was no undead traits, I misnamed the attribute or something and even then I still have errors. If you are only going to have stat adjustments for 20 levels or tiers, don't make them start with 0! I know somebody out there would think "Oh, my guy can take hundreds of level 0 classs and be the biggest bad ass ever. Fuck yeah!" Now, I also have yet to make a hero with it since I want to upload tons of stuff. I have no idea if they will find this but if they could also do it for the Mac, that would be nice. I hate having to use two laptops on the top bunk where only one can connect to the Pittsburgh internet.

Well, I need to get going now. Might have ads up later. I want to get me some fat stacks of cash.


Rhythm Bastard said...

I'm surprised you haven't looked at either of the Sohmer/DeSouza comics
Least I Could Do
Looking For Group

Despite the fact that there's plenty of POWCG fodder, they're still enjoyable.

Also, KC Green restarted The Gun Show.

I never saw H+K 2, but I liked the first one more than I expected.

Keep up the good work.

Koltreg said...

I reviewed Looking for Group early on, never could get into Least I Could Do though.