Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Shanksgiving (Belated)

Because creating holidays for your multis in KoL is so much fun.
The NaNoWriMo was ended early after 10,000 words at which point I mentally rewrote what I had a dozen times before calling it quits and so because of that, a random reader and the fact that I am now another year old (11/21) I decided to drop another blog.

Anyway, two quick reviews to tide you over.
Truck Bearing Kibble by Jeremy Kramer and Eric Vaughn
Truck Bearing Kibble is a good strip but I don't care for it. My main problem is that it is unlucky enough to exist in a world with Perry Bible Fellowship, the now essentially defunct comic that stopped creating comics when it figured out how to turn a profit. TBK is a nonsequitur comic seeming to focus more on pop culture references (or nerd culture/childhood memories) than anything else. The jokes have humor but some are much weaker than others especially if you miss the reference. The art itself is very solid and well done but its always the same and I hate to say it, but after PBF's variety of art styles, it is hard to deal with the same overly complicated stuff time after time. There are a few comics that would actually be better if they were drawn in another style. Another small thing is the lack of an update plan which is a pet peeve of mine. My final comment though, is that the site really bugs me. Too many comment areas are dispersed throughout the pages, the controls for scrolling are difficult and it bothered me enough to remember it a week after reading through the comic. Overall it earns an A- and its worth reading. My complaints were mostly personal issues so go and read it now.

Dead Winter by S. Dave Shabet
College has literally destroyed me sleep schedule so I am writing this at 5 in the morning after reading through Dead Winter. Dead Winter is a zombie comic. Plain as that. I myself am a zombie fan. To celebrate my birthday I went to the mall where they filmed the original Dawn of the Dead (Good trip, visit the zombie museum in the toy store!). It annoys me though that there are several zombie comics, or I might just be crazy right now. From the start the comic seemed a bit generic writing wise but then again I had the voice of Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation) voicing the female lead which made it a bit tedious. Once the comic gets going though, its an okay story, you have your generic lucky characters and the overall badass and all of them doing things to make Max Brooks (Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z) cry himself to sleep. I will note though, I was surprised to find myself in 100 in what seemed like only 40 pages of reading so that means that it actually moves effortlessly. The art sort of bothers me because throughout reading it, I continued to tell myself, "Wow, does Ant draw this?" because the two styles are similar. I am fairly certain though, that Dead Winter was first but that gives you an idea. The comic is mostly greyscale with some bits of color ala Sin City speckled throughout. The art changes though which is mostly an improvement, except where it suddenly looks like done in a half hour on MS Paint. Overall though its not bad to read and I don't hate it despise its genericness. Looking back I am also pretty sure there are no other zombie comics (that actually dead with normal zombies) though so disregard that section and feel free to the give the comic a shot. I give it an A-.

Thanks to those people who actually chat with me on here in the text box. I do need to fix my IM links though so you readers can contact me (since I apparently have readers!). I have a good list sitting but I might do some graphic novel reviews just because I paid money for them and such.

Peace out for now.

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