Monday, December 1, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Post Jubilation Post

Thanksgiving should have been longer. I could have used more time to read Batman and such so you guys get another webcomic review.

Amazing Super Powers
by Wes and Tony
Two of Koltreg's rules of life. 1: Talented art in no way promises a good comic. 2: Koltreg still can't spell nonsequitur without spellcheck. Both of these apply as Koltreg has once more been thrown onto reviewing another nonsequitur comic. Unlike my apathy towards Truck Bearing Kibble last week though, I must confess that I totally have a hardon for Amazing Super Powers. Simplistic but refreshingly fresh art combined with humor ranging from surreal to slapstick makes the comic on a higher tier for me than the now as-good-as-defunct Perry Bible Fellowship. Bonus comics and hidden text make the comics even better and it was worthwhile rereading the comic for the bonus comics. Give this comic some love as I give it an A+.

The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk
My god, this is almost like an alternate universe report of last weeks reviews. Nonsequitur comic and another zombie comic? The Zombie Hunters is the Day of the Dead meets Half-Life of zombie comics compared to the Army of Darkness-esqe zombie comic that is Dead Winter. It moves slowly like a movie and its got a lot of background to it. Its worth a look but the major downside to is its slow updates but you quality in them. It earns a A-.

TGSA by Austin Throop and Kimmo Lemetti
TGSA falls somewhere between Mac Hall with the art expirementation and generic gamer comic. It's worth a try though. I've gotta wrap this up, I mean, I don't have much to say about it for now. It gets a B+ as it needs to define itself more but it is well on its way.

Going to go get some food.

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