Monday, December 29, 2008

Just a Quick Rant

I am a Mac user. I've used PCs in the past and I just got tired of them getting bogged down over time. And that was with me keeping it in good shape, running diagnostics and such. The last new PC I had got a fatal virus and had to be reformatted after 3 months. Its gotten worse since and ever PC I've seen has done the same, unless you spend a large amount of cash keeping it clean and healthy. I decided I'd had enough and I'd go with Macs. As a casual gamer its fine since I rarely buy games, the last I bought was Penny Arcade Adventures Episodes 1 and 2 which I enjoyed. It was available for Macs and the download was nice and easy. And fast. And it didn't piss me off. Unlike Spore.
Now, I tried Spore and played for 4 hours in amazement the other day. Sure customization could be better and sure the PC it was on kept crashing but it entranced me none the less. Today I decided, "Hey, why not buy Spore? They have a discount on it." I clicked and purchased it. Then I saw after all this, they only allowed the PC version to be downloaded from the main store at the discount. What the hell EA? I have to pay full price on another site to get the Mac? I sent a complaint to the EA Support team asking to let me trade. I sent it a while ago but I really hate their support team.
My sister, the hellspawn and bane of my existence is a Sims addict. I'll admit I love playing the cruel god locking them in pools so they would drown and preforming other malicious acts of evil. Anyway, my sister recently received the Open for Business expansion pack. She complained about not being able to get it to run. Now, she is 14 or so now and she can't install a game. I decided that in the spirit of the holidays I would give it a look. She was worried about saving over her files so I assured her nothing was wrong and to not worry. The game finished installing and she goes to open it. It tells her to open Sims 2 Pets. I tell her to do it and nothing happens. I uninstall the game and then reinstall it. Same thing. I do this again to be sure everything non essential is off. It still doesn't work. I send an email to EA explaining my problem. They say they can't identify it. I reply asking what they need from me to solve the problem. No response. The day after leads to the weekend. Still nothing. Meanwhile my sister wanting to play clicks the normal Sims link. Not what the program says. The game opens up and everything is hunky dory. She starts a pretzel company or some crap I don't care about. EA still does not respond.
My hopes for this situation ending easily and with me thinking better of EA are very low. As are my thoughts of PC computers.
Just saying...

Webcomic reviews in a week.

I'm a Mac and I make blogs.

Update: Got my refund or at least they canceled the order. I picked it up from the Mac version of the store where they have it online after emailing about a registration error. Still, the game is downloading now which is sweet.

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