Monday, December 8, 2008

Under the Ever Watchful Eye of 68668

Seriously, some person is apparently always logged onto the blog, or its me always auto connecting...I auto connected your mom last night. Yeah...
I made the poor choice of another night of not sleeping. At all. I figured that I owe you, my fans, some more comics to occupy your time though.

by Zappit/Sean Conchieri
Pixel is one of those story comics that follows the general belief that wacky situations and wacky reactions will result in great lolz. This rule has so many exceptions in the webcomic world (aka probably all of Drunk Duck - calling you out- I'm an angry non-rested person!). Pixel does skirt the edge quite a bit though but I've laughed at it so its okay. Essentially it follows a pretty generic wacky character as he tries to go about his life with random shit happening. The comic only has about 30 or so strips if I remember correctly so it is hard to tell where it is going. With the art, it is pretty solid stylistically but being the art student that I keep getting remind that I infact am, I must criticize the fact that the character design could be better. Overall, it has room for improvement to seperate itself from the rest of the pack but it earns a solid B.

Ugly Hill
by Paul Southworth
In my generic struggle to keep tabs on the Internet's supply of web comics, I ran across PvP which apparently has an animated series (done by the same company which does the CAD: Animated Trainwreck). I watched the previews and was forced to remind myself that PvP is essentially a comic for the newspaper in which it doesn't push any boundaries in any humor class. Then my buddy Coroidan told me to go read Ugly Hill. Frankly, I was apprehensive at first. The same party with Evil Inc and PvP? How can this be good? (I really am planning on dropping strips). Surprisingly it has since become one of my favorite strips. Let's face it, PvP is running stereotypical characters (though I realized they created the stereotypes) and the average storyline is crap. Ugly Hill on the other hand has some pretty awesome variations on the archetypes and overall it just frankly blows me away. The storylines show planning and forethought and the art is delightful. My only problem is that he frequently reairs old comics but if it allows him to keep updating daily, that's good enough for me. Ugly Hill earns an A.

by Anthony Clark
It falls between the simplistic style of KC Green and the imagination of a kid with ADD making the comic epic. I can't really say much more except that the navigation can be a bitch starting out. It earns an A+.

Next time I'll do the Koltreg removal of comics/rereview because I have 50 comics to check. Gosh!

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