Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Chopping Block

My current webcomic list count is over 50. 54-52 depending on how I look at some. It's time to weed some comics and frankly that makes me sad.

First Up:
Bear & Kitten
Originally reviewed in the very first blog the comic fell into the death trap of not updating and sure its only been a bit over a month but not even a notice has me pissed. I'll get back someday when I see the comics getting posted again.

Dresden Codak
Dick moves and tv rumors do nothing when the content people originally came for vanishes. Frankly, I used to really like the comic but the prima donna attitude has to go before I come back. Why can't you be more like Kate Beaton?

Drunken Philosophy
should be here but it is going to be back I am assured by Coroidan. Expect new comics at February-ish. Except it won't be DP.

Evil Inc

If I wanted to read the strips week after week I'd read newspaper comics.

His art changed and then his humor died. We've all waited for something good to come from what had once been a sublime comic but frankly I've waited long enough.

Lackadaisy Cats

If you are going to go off to Italy and vanish for several months, you could at least tell us.And you could come back with an update.

Looking for Group
Frankly, the new storyline is taking too long. I don't even know or care what is going on and what happened to Richard doing funny things. Sure the gags got stale but at least they tried to be funny.

PVP almost, just almost got on here but I see them coming back at least for a bit with this years Kringus arc. But they are on watch.

The Nineteenth-Century Industrialist
I mourn the loss of a comic as great as this.

Elsie Hooper
Updates like, once a month? What the hell?

Our Future is Red
I think Allan let this one die.

So yeah, thats my weeding of the comics. Until next time!

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