Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coho Project

I've had this happen to me about seven times so I figure its the right time to post something about this.
Ever been on AIM and suddenly received a message from *word*coho/salmon/trout? If so, you've been caught up in a social experiment of sorts. You and another person get an IM like "Hi" each with a disguised name. They expect you to talk to this person and become friends or contacts. Personally this has not happened yet. Most are freaked out.
While a lot is generally positive, you can quit using this guide:

You can stop the messages by typing:


Then it will respond with:

OPERATOR: Are you sure you want to opt-out? If you do, you will *never* be contacted again on the account “”. There is *no way* to opt back in and undo this.
If you are sure, type “$optout DADD”. Remember, this is permanent and irreversible!

Type what it asks:

$optout DADD

And you will receive one final (hopefully) message:

OPERATOR: You have opted out. The account “” will *never* be contacted again. Good bye!

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