Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Partial Review

Templar, Arizona by Spike
Every once in a while you run into a wall that you can't go through. That's why they build a wall. At that point you can make the choice to give up and go back the way that you came or give it a shot as you try to climb up it. Templar, Arizona for me is a wall. The story line is complex, the characters are nice and it doesn't coddle you at all. It tosses you into the world that has been developed head first. The art is great, the dialogue is fast past and it all sort of runs like a dream but thats the problem. I personally found the comic a bit too thick to get into, mind you I read through the first year and a few months after worth of comics but I had very little of an idea of what was going on. Maybe I was tired, maybe I just wasn't focusing. Either way though, I wasn't able to get all of the way through the comic. I enjoyed what there was but it was that fascination with a dream that you get where you don't necessarily understand it but just continue to let it tell its tale. I do plan on trying to get into it some more but I am holding myself to a schedule and so here's the review. A-.

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