Monday, March 23, 2009

A Disappointing State of Affairs

I suppose my habitual reviews of web comics has reached a temporary stopping point after meeting a face to face specter that was my own ego growing out of proportion to my right and stance as a minor internet celebrity. The fact where I myself see that I have an increased value as opposed to those who I review has caused a shift in my psych, weakening me with unknown side effects. I might find it the cause for my lackadaisical attitude when it comes to work, my lack of drive to get out of bed in the morning or a plethora of other things.

TL;DR, I am feeling like a jerk critiquing others work whilst contributing nothing by myself.

Now I have brushed with greatness upon the shambles of my dream that is the 40 Day Web Comic Challenge but that only brought to staggering light the hubris that I suffer so very greatly. Night after night I turn out a sub par piece of work minutes before the deadline on the promise that I will improve my talent the following day only to piss it away lollygagging while playing Defense Games. 

TL; DR I tried contributing but it turned out to be crap.

Now the question I must pose to myself is, what am I to do now that I am a defeated person slowly siphoning money to frivolous causes? The question haunts me because while I desire fame, I lack the talent and ambition to put forth a greater effort to seek it. Why I cannot simply find my great partner to assist in this project is a great quandary to me even now. If I might simply find one to so much as donate their artist talents for scaling compensation I might find the comfort which I greatly desire.

TL; DR My problem with making comics is that I hate the time commitment so I need to find a partner.

I shall be broadening my search locally at my place of education and globally across the Internet but if you are aware of any people interested in an illustration position for cheap, please contact me.

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