Monday, April 27, 2009

Interview with Allan from Allan

This week I got to interview Allan from Allan and I asked questions you, the readers and followers sent in.

The quality is a bit poor due to the fact that I recorded my speakers essentially but it is hopefully informative for you or at least enjoyable. Thanks for Allan for helping with the editing.

Next week a Looking for Group rereview and something else.


Psyguy said...

Okay new rule. The person giving the interview has to be somewhat interesting. It's like Jaime Hyneman from Mythbusters was conducting that "Oh well I made some tortilla chips and now I am going to ask you a series of questions that I have written down in sequential order from number one to number ten. How about we start with number ten?"

Me: zzzzzzzzzz

Koltreg said...

No problem. I'm still learning the ropes. A bit of criticism is fine. It's really about having fun right now.

Neil Hiatt said...

HA, around that an IM alert?

Wian said...

Less of you, more of Allan.

It's great that you interview all of these people, it's interesting to listen but interviews are meant be to informative. I don't really want to listen to you failing at beat boxing.
Having Allan play his song was pretty cool, but alternatively you could just have linked it as he already uploaded it to his site. Maybe also have some more or better questions. More open ended questions to allow the interviewee to elaborate which is usually when the most interesting stuff comes out.
Yea and the chip thing? ...

A good think I can comment on it is the way Americans talk, you pronounce every word and you usually do it very clearly, that's great for interviews so it's a huge positive that we can actually understand you.

On a none interview note I enjoy listening to the way you guys talk. Not just the non verbals but the actual content. I'm not from America so it's interesting hearing the culture come out.

Koltreg said...

I'm still learning the art of the interview but during one of the many breaks, Allan and I decided to have some fun and did the silly beatboxing thing. The song was one of his ideas but I think it worked well as an interlude. Next time I will have more questions, people seem to want to hear about inspiration and such. Thanks for listening though and giving suggestions for the future.