Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mini Reviews Round 001

Wow, I apparently posted this article without typing anything. Danke Hot Keys! 

This week I decided to go ahead and take a break from web comics to try and see if I can attract a new crowd because honestly you Allan readers with your hats and emotional problems, well they get on my nerves (actually I love you guys, especially if you access the chat feature there. Its a project of my own, the world's most intelligent bot and such. Occasionally has downtimes though. . . . . rambling - its me there if you didn't know so feel free to chat. 

Anyway, along with ingesting copious amount of webcomics, drinking Wild Cherry Pepsi ® (working on a branding deal now), I also enjoy other things in life: cooking, print comics, alternative rock music and television. I bet nobody else has those interests. In the manner of the original posts and because I need to read and reread some more comics, I present a review of one item related to each of the 4 genres mentioned. It might be groups though.

First up:

The Chefmate Measuring Grater by Chefmate
Now, like most casual gourmands and munchers, I enjoy shredded cheese but I hate shredding it. You can buy it pre-shredded but it never melts the same (preservatives probably). Well, after my fiasco with my previous flat shredder (essentially a foot of metal with three grating styles), I decided I needed something with gusto, I was given the Measuring Grater as a gift and it is beautiful. Three full length grating sides and a 4th measuring side. That is right, no more shredding and them measuring! It has a removable bottom so you can see how much you made as you shred. The handle is also a soft grip and my god, if I were a masochist, I might make love to this thing. Instead, I will shred some cheese. A+

Graphic Novels
Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Steve Bisette and John Totleben
I'm for the most part a large fan of Alan Moore. From him singing about sinister ducks to his graphic novels, he is a classic force in the genre. While some of his novels have last the omph over the ages (thanks to his influence) they still stand strong - except maybe Killing Joke. Saga of the Swamp Thing though was his DC starting place, taking a floundering character, bringing him back to land and then switching his organs for fun making an all new character. With a brief introduction, the graphic novel quickly catches you up to the world before almost rendering it useless. The comic is enjoyable, scary and full of decent surprises and a distinct lack of rape at least in the first collection. With cameos from Etrigan and an unnamed cameo by Constantine (and some hidden Sinister Ducks) the comic is great. The first part could easily be adapted into a great movie because frankly nobody knows the Swamp Thing (compared to other heroes). Overall, the collection is great and I'll be picking up the next edition next month. A+

Hazards of Love by The Decemberists
I've been a fan of the Decemberists for a good while now. They have shown that they have the musical chops needed to make a name for themselves. Hazards of Love feels like they tossed their chops up on metal floor, waited a bit and tried to swallow it back up. The album is pretty horrible, not even in a way that it can grow on me anytime soon. Essentially they tried to do hard rock (didn't they learn after the Guitarmageddon Challenge?) and its bad. There are only two memorable songs compared to the general 8 or so quality songs on the album. Couped with a continuous story instead of acting as an anthology as the normal albums do, the album is a depart from the norm on a trip I hope to end soon. The two quality pieces The Rake's Song and The Hazards of Love 4 save this from being an F album. Overall though, I'd almost like my $10 back.  D+

The Mighty Boosh: Season 3
In one of Adult Swims strange fits of hysteria (the same ones that lead to Tim and Eric), they actually picked up a great show and wanted the fans to catch up fast. They decided to help by starting with season 3 on The Mighty Boosh which is like some beautiful combination of Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Odd Couple. If you haven't already seen the show and are in the UK, buy it or watch it or find a live show. If you are over in the states head over to Adult Swim to watch it. The show honestly hooked me in the previews of the Eels episode and has entranced me far enough to consider creating a British bank account solely to be able to buy the first 3 seasons for about 5€ a season (thats the Euro sign I think) which is a great deal. I tried to hook up with no avail but the show is amazing and is beyond description. A+

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