Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The First Annual Kollies

Welcome to the first ever semi annual Koltreg's Nerding Review Blog Awards Blog Blog Blog or the Kollies. The awards come with nothing except a few views, some nice words and a pair of robot hands if you come and meet me in person to receive them in the next ....5 days. I came up with a decent number of categories so I hope you enjoy. Honestly though, I was not able to award every comic I wanted so just because something does not appear it does not mean it is not good.

Either way, enjoy. I'll meet you after the list.

Best Added Webcomic (Older Than A Year)

*MS Paint Adventures* I added it and fell in love really quickly with the comic. I spent an entire night reading the Problem Sleuth archive and I have done so twice since. Epic, hilarious. Check it out.

Daisy Owl


Best Added Webcomic (New This Year - Mostly)

*Gunshow* KC Green's newest piece of work is immature, intelligent and dangerous. Check it out now, funk soul brother.

Hanna Is Not A Boys Name

City of Reality/Love Me Nice (Tie)

Best Art - Minimalist:

*Nedroid* Simple, crisp and yet he has proven his chops on Dr. McNinja (as the colorist) and through his more advanced art.

Bear & Kitten


Best Art - Adept:

*Boxer Hockey* Simple, colorful and bright - Tyson Hesse shows why he may very well be the next great animator n the country.

MS Paint Adventures

Love Me Nice

Best Art - Advanced:

*Lackadaisy Cats* I confused an illustration of a cat with an actual photo. Need I say more?

The Zombie Hunters

Hanna Is Not A Boys Name

Best Writing - Comedy:

*Unwinder's Tall Comics* Deep, ironic and somewhat delusional. Amazing but in more than just a guttural laughing way.

Scary Go Round/Bad Machinery (Same Series)

Daisy Owl/MS Paint Adventures (Tie)

Best Writing - Dramatic:

*City of Reality* Dark with a story that is deepening as the story goes on.

Gunnerkrigg Court

The Meek

Best Character - Comedy:

*Rittz - Boxer Hockey * Psychotic, disturbing and immature.

John Egbert - MS Paint Adventures

Dr. McNinja - The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Best Character - Dramatic:

*Luca deSadar - The Meek* Just read it to understand why.

Annie - Gunnerkrigg Court

The One Electronic - Rice Boy

Best Comedy Webcomic :

*MS Paint Adventures* See best added webcomic - comedy listing.

Boxer Hockey

Bad Machinery/Scary Go Round

Best Dramatic Webcomic:

*The Zombie Hunters* Zombies in a scary and realistic world with even scarier characters.

Rice Boy

The Meek

In the next year I hope to see some major changes in the K-blog. First things first I will be going and moving to my own server off of this. In doing so I hope to foster a larger community, gain some credibility and be able to have some more freedom with design. Here is to the next year. I will do my best to update on time though I am going away for a week. I will send it to my associate who should be helping out while I fight Aztecs in Mexico for their gold.


Also if sending me an article, please send it by Monday at the very very latest.

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