Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Review This Week

I am taking the weekend off to focus on finals week. I will attempt to have part three of "How To Get Into Webcomics" up on Tuesday though. If not, finals will be why.

Also, are you interested in guest writing an article for the blog on webcomics, either personal reviews or an essay on theory and practice and trends and such? If so shoot me an email and contact me via chat.

Edit: I ended up googling myself since I got a big link yesterday from Akira the Don for a sound project. Apparently much more famous webcomic reviewer El Santo found my blog and commented on it thanks to help from Art Patient. Kudos to everyone. Now just comment a little more and show me that you readers all exist.
I am off to bed at a late hour.

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Sketch Country said...


I'd be interested in reviewing webcomics, you can read some of my music reviews here:

and here:

drop me a line at james.s.thomson (AT) googlemail (DOT) com if you'd be interested.