Monday, February 22, 2010

Socialfist In The Making: Origin Harder

Because I need something to write about - I decided to take questions.

"Why make a Russian Super Friends?"

Short Answer: I am unoriginal.

Long Answer: I am a fan of team based superheroes. Having different characters running around with personalities clashing when well balanced has always been enough to get me to watch a show, it protects from characters getting stale. That is probably what caused me to make the Russian Super Friends. In fact I distinctly (not really) remember the conversation going like this:

Me: We need a comic idea.

Adam: Superheroes.

Me: Crappy superheroes.

Adam: Hmmmm.

Me: Communist crappy superheroes. Like the Superfriends or Xmen but crappy.

(Note: Conversation may have not happened like that at all, I did say crappy a lot then though.)

As a kid I really loved the Xmen, I had a Sega Genesis game and I loved the series that were on and I still do. Heck, I rewatched all of Xmen Evolution this month and I currently have the 90's series on my Netflix list. The variety of powers and personalities always seemed cool and more realistic (or at least more so than the Justice League). The characters were flawed, real and mutant. When the movies came out, they only rekindled my love (though re-watching them all as I did Friday, I must confess that I can't stand the third one anymore.) Of course, I never owned any comics of them or any other comics for that matter till I was 17 so that limits my knowledge to the shows, a DC Encyclopedia a friend had and Wikipedia which is probably for the better.

"What time period does Socialfist take place in?"

Socialfist takes place in an alternate 00's, somewhere around 2001 or so though the beginning scene takes place in what is about 15 years earlier.

"Are heroes known or are they kept as national secrets?"

Socialfist will focus on two opposing groups - Socialfist who are the Russian insurgent superheroes who are meant to inspire a return to communism and The American Justice Squad who represent the Americans. Socialfist is not an official government group or even one that needs protection since most of the members don't officially exist so to speak. The American Justice Squad on the other hand are to put it lightly - above the law. Due to political powers held by members of the squad, laws have been passed to protect their identities so that not even members of the American Justice Squad know who each other are. At least in theory.

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