Monday, February 15, 2010

Socialfist In The Making: Yuri Part 2

Fresh off the color additions!
The current description of Yuri in my Encyclopedia has:

Yuri - Genetically made superman. Blindly follows orders and has several problems when people question what he knows to be true. He really only follows the party because he grew up following them and does not truly understand communism, the economy or leadership. Enjoys wearing military-esqe outfit and the fact that he is trusted with leadership. Tends to abuse leadership abilities. He is currently 30/16 (mentally). He is able to levitate up to 800 lbs (including himself), shoot lasers from his eyes, is super strong (800 lbs) and some other stuff probably. Costume is too big for him.

The idea is rough with enough room where I can insert background ideas and nothing really pins me down. It also helps to establish personality and characteristics. I personally love the sheriff badge on him. The look of mixed confusion and ire with the soldier-esqe pose also makes it work. The outfit follows the military ideal though there is the problem that he is not a military member. He literally works for people who have no authority and he has little authority himself.

Also the Entry is pretty mixed up and random. When I work on the official Wiki for the comic in a few months I can easily use this fact sheet.

Artist is Remus B.

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