Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Socialfist In The Making: Spacestations

A long time discussion associate with me who I am known to talk to for topics to discuss here asked if there was a space station where the superheroes were ala the Justice League. This is in reference to the American Justice Squad who are in many ways a more complete Justice League parody than Socialfist (as the AJS have lots of members).
The short answer is no because a space station is stupid and pointless.
The long answer will involve this following scenario involving characters you have not met yet in the series and will not for several months.
The Scene: The Annual American Justice Squad Meeting, the room is filled with super heroes sitting around circular tables. In the front of the room is a long elevated platform with the leaders of the AJS, The Capitalist, Bearman, Libertyger, Democrosee and some more unnamed members.
The Capitalist: And now we open the floor to any and all questions from members. Yes, you in the back there with the giant moth wings.
Vermoth: Hi, Vermoth. Leader of the Burlington team. I was wondering, can we have a space station?
The Capitalist: Libertyger, would you like to field this question?
Libertyger walks to the podium.
Libertyger: Well, if you turn to page
Bearman rises from the seat and grabs the mic. He is drunk.
Libertyger: Ok. Go ahead.
Bearman: The reason we wont have a space ship is
Bearman passes out on the floor.

So there you have it, intoxication stopped there from being a space station.

As for my personal opinions on the topic, I have prepared the following list:
1. Expensive as hell - space station power, fuel, food, ships, pilots, general technology
2. Travel is hard - you have to go into space and you can't launch from everywhere not to mention weather conditions
3. No Benefits - "Hey guys, lets go to the space station to fight crime. In the space station that we control."
For people who need to respond quickly to emergencies, work on a budget and who do not typically fight aliens it is pointless.
(Yes this means there will be no AJS space station.)

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