Friday, March 5, 2010

Socialfist In The Making: The World Part 1

Setting up a world is a bit difficult depending on what you want to incorporate into it. For example, if you want a setting based on reality, ie what we live in now but with magic you need to think a bit into the scenario. Where does the magic come from? Where would it change the way things happened? Were there wizards fighting in World War 2? Were there shadow panthers fighting Nazi panzer tanks? In the case of Socialfist there was not. I do want to see this in a video game though. (send money to use this idea please)

Socialfist as it now stands is in a world that is pretty similar to ours except that at some point in the last few decades, people started to get super powers more regularly, I mean Jesus was pretty much Dr. Manhattan with hair. Probably some apocryphal text where he is described as blue. If you want, blame the powers on mercury in the water or Freddie Mercury in the water. Either way is fine for me, here are powers - some magic and some not. The thing is those with powers, at least where we are concerned, are restricted to use them. Errrr, restricted is a wrong word. Naive when using them. These people with powers did their best to go on their own ways and to just stop crime, in the local sense. This means that the world influence is pretty small. Maybe less people died in building bombings. Maybe the bombings didn't happen at all.

The divergence point though that will be relevant is the fact that there are two groups that to my knowledge have no basis in reality but a major effect in the world: The American Justice Society and the group known as Socialfist.

The AJS is your generic analogue of the all American hero teams, Justice League, Avengers or DANGERDOOM. The AJS get their funding from the rich members of the AJS (the Batmangs and the Green Arrows and the Tony Starks. In the comic I call the amalgamation Green Bat and Man). Also the government helps and as such the AJS has a large number of bases around the country. Every other country is screwed for all that you know - I'll probably cover it in a side story. These AJS bases are around large cities and there are 300 of them or so (at time of last counting). That is something like 6 bases per state, more bases for the larger populated, less for the less populated states with varying numbers of members in each bases. For example, the guy stuck in Alaska, AnchorRage, has the entire state all to himself meanwhile Cold Hickory and William Henry Horrorson both run teams of a dozen heroes who are based around Hartford CT. While AnchorRage admittedly has a sucky job, he has about a dozen super interns so he mostly just sits back and collects the government checks while watching tv. You want the American dream (according to some political parties), you are looking at it!

Socialfist on the other hand is a anarchist group (in so far as they want to destroy the current government). The currently are a collective of about 70+ people with varying backgrounds who meet in a community center for planning in a small Russian town - read: suburb. A decent amount are former KGB analogues doing science and 'ssasinations. Despite the setback in so far as numbers, Socialfist has been able to run several successful projects in the past such as the creation of Yuri, the creation of several of Tesla's dream weapons (when do Russians not build lightning turrets?) and the formation of a hidden chamber in the basement of the aforementioned community center that spans about a square mile underground.

What is the point of Socialfist though? To win the hearts and minds of the people living in Russia and the world by... being good people? Its all PR bullcrap nowadays. They want to bring Communism back is the short answer. Heck, add in lasers and you have the Michael Bay political platform - "Win Love With Lasers and Shit!"

Meanwhile the AJS keeps fighting for justice even if nobody is sure what that means.

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