Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shards of Alara Prerelease Review

So, I got back from the Shards of Alara prerelease over at Columbus. It was a good going away party. Besides having a deck and a binder of cards stolen from me, it was very enjoyable. (If you were the jerk who stole my type 1 binder, may the DCI find out and ban ye!) Luckily I have my type two and a box of rares.

I did the free play and ended up getting two Jund decks (bringing friends along is awesome.) Jund essentially plays like a token deck on crack. Mycrosavant is a towering rape beast as long as you are smart enough not to eat all of your defense and the fact that it comes with a giant dragon that uses Fireball whenever it attacks, the deck is amazing, fun and easy to play. Glad I got a second one. Just need to worry about eating all of your stuff though with devour. Or worrying about trample or kill spells.

I also got a Bant deck but I didn't play it and Ajani is amazing. Glad I have two of them.

Overall though, I look forward to playing Shards in the future if possible. I need some money first and for that, I'm going to be hooking the blog up with the ad thingy so I can make some fat stacks of cash. Or enough to compensate myself for my time. Even if it is just a few cents a day. Stuff ads up.

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