Thursday, September 4, 2008

Webcomic Review Part 5

Since last reviews, Lego Robot and Lackadaisy came back. I'd like to take credit, but I can't. Yet.

Theory of ReLOLtivity - Albert Einstein has a good webcomic, except he never updates. A

There, if he comes back, I can get a job or fat stacks of cash. Now onto the comics. Note: skipping over what I picked up recently, also skipping PBF (along with a few more for the retired/dead/dropped sections.)

Penny Arcade
by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik
Honestly, if you don't already have an opinion on this comic, then continue reading. Penny Arcade can be regarded as one of the founding fathers of all webcomics, mostly due to the fact that it started the gamer webcomics. The art has improved over the years and while I have yet to read all of it, Tycho can write out some amazing journals. Its a classic for good reasons and its improved over the years instead of entering a slouch in talent growth. Giving this one a solid A.

PvP:Player Versus Player by Scott R. Kurtz
PvP was actually the first webcomic I ever read, though not in webcomic format. I was introduced to it in the forum of the PC Gamer comics (a publication I stopped reading last year). The comics were okay but I never ventured off to read further into the comics. Last year about SAT/ACT though, I ran into the comics though and read through them all. In one afternoon. My head hurt. The comics were okay, essentially the same level as the newspaper publications. I still read it though, possibly because its part of my daily routine and because of PvP Makes Me Sad. While I personally don't care for most blog, I do love a review that actually makes helpful suggestions instead of pointless complaints. I'm going to have to give it a B+.

rice boy by Evan Dahm
I love it when art and story flow together. Evan Dahm's fiction-fantasy epic finished its first book with a satisfying conclusion and is now working on building it world further. This comic is not for everybody though. I'd suggest reading a chapter and if it grabs you, thank me in the morning, if not you can go and read something else. There are some complaints over the second book, partially over lack of color, partially over the vastly different story but frankly, I still enjoy it the same. rice boy gets an A.

Right-Click Studios by Socks Mahoney and Derek Zobler
...yeah, I feel conflicted due to my past encounters with Mr. Mahoney and the fact that I did a comic for them last week. I enjoy immature humor from time to time and seeing a new comic every week is good and fine but frankly, don't read the entire archive in one sitting. Its dulls the humor. The humor is usually in bad taste though and Derek is still working on his artistic talents. Still, props to my buddies from another mother. Here's to a long future, B-.

Rob and Elliot by Clay and Hampton Yount
Rob and Elliot is the closest we will probably ever get to the return of the Clerks the Animated Series. A mix of slapstick, subtle and other, the adventures of two roommates has never been done so well. The pair have been doing comics for a while and the years of training show. The comic is just... I really can't understand why VG Cats supports Scott Rasoomiar and yet these two can't live on the comics alone. Probably the lack of video game references. This is going to get an A+.

Adios till later Koltregteers.

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