Thursday, September 18, 2008

Webcomic Review Part 5: Hot Tauntaun Action

No idea or desire to know if I spelled tauntaun, those ice beasts from The Empire Strike Back, correctly.
Anyways, this is the second to last webcomic review for webcomics that I enjoy and suggest so I'm looking forward to getting done with this.

First off
Slackerz by Scott Smith and Scott Hepting
Fun fact: To help with journalistic integrity for this article, I totally dissociated myself with this site over the past weekend including but not limited to quitting the forum which I was a frequent poster on and by abdicating my spot as a shoutbox mod. Yeah. That is the real reason people involved with Slackerz forum who read this. The whole time thing-just a lame excuse. I am a dedicated blogger.
Anyways, I was dedicated to giving this a critical review. First off, if you hate long winded comics that take over a minute to read, not 8-bit Theater long though, Slackerz is probably not for you. The humor variates between current and ancient (in Internet terms) pop culture references and most of them require back information and the lack of a news article archive can make understanding old archived comics hard since they usually were linked to a video originally, or the recent ones were. The art in and of itself is very minimalistic, adding to the absurdity. Occasionally, Hepting the artist takes full control and the comics can take a give or take turn but he has proven himself strong and a writer for Slackerz, though he was proven back with Goobs. Still, when the humor is spot on, it is profound and I stay up late every Monday night waiting for a new comic. Slackerz gets an A overall.

Sore Thumbs by Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby
Gaming comics for me are give or take and it usually comes down to things like art and overall humor. Sore Thumbs is mainly on my list for the art, where somewhere with basic male urges to click on anything with giant tits in the ads grabbed my attention with the strength of a full strength tractor beam. The comic mostly runs on current events and the art overall is very stylistic and the characters are pretty much archetypes but somewhere, the story has taken turns to save itself from the quagmire of other comics anf while it rarely makes me laugh in real life, it satisfies me enough. Sore Thumbs earns a B+.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja by Chris Hastings, Kent Archer and Carly Monardo
Theoretically this should have come muuuuuuch earlier but Firefox, you magnificent bastard of a web browser, doesn't count The as a word to ignore unlike Itunes. Wherein most farce of genres in the webcomic industries fail, Dr. McNinja rises above the others like the noonday sun beating upon the rest of webcomics like....the sun (again). If you like action comics and humor and nerdy references, check out the comic. The art is amazing and with the inclusion of Carly Monardo adding color, the color has gone up another notch. Dr. McNinja sneaks behind me, stabs me and earns an A+.

The Nineteenth-Century Industrialist by Renee Katz
The Nineteenth-Century Industrialist is a return to a day when over exaggerated characters and slapstick humor could entertain. Except that now the classic humor is topped with a crunchy intellectual crust. With a easily distinguishable and original art style, enjoyable characters and more, its worth your watching and with a print novelization out now (which I need to get around to buying...) the comic is one of my favorite stops. The downside is that I don't have reason to stop there often enough but with another comic it gets me by. The N-C I gets a A-.

Now a commercial break.
KC Green has an art blog.
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Three Panel Soul by Ian McConville and Matt Boyd
Graduates from an amazing art school (or the school of hours of practice) and Mac Hall present a weekly combination of sublime art and surreal-ish humor. (Its past 2 am, I really should think about doing these in the morning.) The comic has amazing art proving the value of a good art degree and frankly, almost make me weep at the beauty of the art. I mean, the art in and of itself is reason enough to read the comic. Three Panel Soul earns a strong A+.

VG Cats by Scott Rasoomair
Honestly, chances are you already have your own opinions of the comic. Yeah, furries, gaming and more are in here but it is forgivable. When Scott actually updates his comic, its comedy is superb and the art is great, he improves it, tries new things and has proven why he is apparently able to live off the comic. As usual, my criticism involves updates, he's gone months without anything but now that he's running two sides comics, I can accept this. VG Cats earns an A.
Side Notes.
A: I didn't quit the forum on here because I don't spend much time on there. :|
B. I wonder how Rasoomair will react to this since he apparently watches my Twitter. :|

XKCD by Randall Munroe
Slackerz led me here and by god, I've stuck onto the comic. Even though the art is simple to the point of being amateur, he is able to justify it with nerdy humor. Its another one that you should already be reading. I don't have much more to say. XKCD earns an A.

Other notes of interest include the fact that I pimped out my blog, you can contact me almost 24/7 in that box to the right and such. Give me a comment, I can to hear what you think.

Peace out until now.

Edits: Made some flow and spelling changes. Thanks Toads.

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