Thursday, January 28, 2010

Announcement: Format Change

Ever since I came back from break I have been bothered by my growing sense of ennui towards writing the reviews for the blog. It is not that I have no more of an interest in webcomics. I read through all of PvP, Minus, Marry Me, The Meek, Dead Winter and the new and brilliant Axe Cop (which is currently being overwhelmed on its servers and has no website). My problem is that I have no desire to write reviews for what I read as of right now. It is not that the comics deserve no accolades for their work but that I can't find my muse or inspiration.

Because of this fact, the blog will be temporarily changing formats to a sort of webcomic/comic theory and writing shop among other things. While I have no fully running comics up on the Internet, I have been working on a story for the past 4 years called Socialfist (formerly Super Feudal Communist Russia Team Squad Now!). Socialfist will soon be coming online in about 2 months (late March 2010) if all goes well. Until and after that point, the blog will have a feature called Socialfist In The Making. Here, and eventually at the new comic site, I will post the progress I do when making a comic. This will include character sketches demonstrating and illustrating the development of characters from the juvenile throw away ideas of 4 years ago to more realistic characters that I now have. I will also go into web design and how I went from a bad site to a good one, ideas I have gone through for naming the comic and a bunch of other things related to the comic. I am not entirely sure if it will be useful to everyone who reads the blog currently but the last thing I want is for the blog to die.

Other features that will appear include:

Mini-Reviews - Reviews - But Smaller!

KN/RB News - My Slant On Webcomic News And Also Interviews

Open Use Comic Scripts - Need a comic script to draw, look no further!

and more.

As such, the blog title has changed from Koltreg's Nerding Blog Jamboree to the Koltreg's Nerding/Review Blog. The site should also be moving soon to a non-blogspot post, most likely at the Team Majorca site.

Open Use Comic Script #1 will go up tonight.

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