Friday, January 29, 2010

OUCS: Daybreakers Parody

Welcome to the first Open Use Comic Script where when I have an idea I can't use, I will do my best to turn it in to a script. If you need one for the week, feel free to take and use it, possibly even edit, just link me when it is done.

This Episode: Daybreakers Parody
If you were unaware, Daybreakers was that vampire film that came out where vampires who don't get blood turn into crazy Nosferatu vampires and since everyone (not everyone) wanted to become a vampire, there is less and less blood. They hook humans up to machines and the humans not hooked up are fighting back or they want a cure. They find it and then presumably everyone lives happily ever after especially Willem DeFoe's beard. All in all, the movie feels like the Matrix trilogy did with the humans hooked up to machines, the stylistic filming and the few shots with fighting. Also some of the really wooden acting.

Panel 1:

Business Man (the fat guy) and the two executive are in the office talking.

Business Man: All these kids are complaining about Twilight messing up vampires and werewolves. How can we profit from this?

Executive One: Gritty re-imagining of the monsters.

Executive Two: A vampire Matrix!

Panel 2:


Executive One: You mean Daybreakers?

Executive Two: Hmmmm. What if we mix werewolves and another 90's film.

Business Man: Genius!

Panel 3:

Werewolf Park

Panel 4:

We see Jurassic Park people - the old guy, Jeff Goldblum, little kids and doctor couple standing in front of welcome center doors.

Old guy: Welcome to my park where I made imagination reality. Real living werewolves!

Panel 5:

Goldblum and old man are talking in office with the doctor couple.

Goldblum: Isn't there a threat to having werewolves in a park. Can't they reproduce?

Old Man: Don't worry. They are all males.

Panel 6:

Goldblum looks angry.

Goldblum: That... that means nothing! Lycanthropy is passed on in biting.

Panel 7:

Old Man does not take this shit seriously.

Old Man: At least we'll be fine unless every part of the billion dollar security system fails.

Panel 8:

Old Man knocks coffee on his laptop.

Panel 9:

Room is dark except for eyes of the people.

Old man: Shit.

Panel 10

We see a Jeep ala Jurassic Park with a werewolf on the outside. Researcher and the kids are inside the Jeep.

Researcher: Don't worry kids, they can't open doors. They have no thumbs.

Kid 1: But they do have thumbs.

Panel 11:

We see blood outside of the Jeep.

Panel 12:

Fat guy is seen running with a wolfsbane.

Fat guy: I can sell this for other people to make the werewolves.

Panel 13:

Fat guy is starting down a bunch of werewolves.

Fat guy: Shit

Panel 14:

Parody of Jurassic Park logo but with a wolf howling at the moon ... a wolf made of bones! D: So basically a skeleton wolf.

Possible Extra panels

Panel 15

Old Man and Goldblum are on a boat.

Old Man: At least they can't leave the island.

Panel 16:

Flying werewolves in the sky

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