Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking For A Webcomic Artist

I am working on about communist superheroes called Socialfist. It is a socio-political farce pointing out the flaws of logic in political extremism along with classic superhero humor and more.
Due to my previous artist getting a promotion I suddenly need a new artist to restart/continue the comic. It would be preferable to continue though the comic (as to not need to pay for each page again but if the artist is unable that is fine and understandable.
If anything I am looking for an artist who is able to create a comic style similar to that of Russian poster art out of the 40s and 50s. Like this [link] or similar. I figure the average artist has an idea of what I was talking about. The very stylistic and blocky design.
The comic would be at least a weekly update (depending on pay and contracting and such) with eventual funds coming from ads, product sales and cameo donations. Along with this I am also working on getting the comic picked up by a decent number of comic producers and if that happens, compensation would quickly increase.
Pay will be negotiated with each candidate depending on quality, etc. If the comic goes well, which it should and will do, there will possibly be an average wage within a year or so. Factors of this include an ability to produce comics on time, working ahead of schedule, doing additional designs (for shirts, buttons, etc) and more.
If you somehow find this, link to your work and I will look through your gallery and decide based on what I see there. Also if you have an IM or something that works.
I've been working on the story for about four years and I really want to see it published/produced.
The previous comics by Iori may be seen here (site is being redesigned): Due to a contractual thing, the character costumes would likely need to be redesigned as well so if you are accepted, that would be the first thing to do.

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