Sunday, January 31, 2010

OUCS: Team of Rivals

For those unfamiliar with it, the book Team of Rivals discusses how Abraham Lincoln got a bunch of people who did not agree with him to join his cabinet because he was a good and open president. I heard the title and thought of the film The One, with Jet Li. This preview explains it. One thing led to another and another comic idea was born. This is also suitable to be used for a movie preview or movie idea. As usual, contact me if you use the idea.

Panel 1:

We see the White House in an older time. People outside ride those old fashioned bicycles.

Aide (not seen): Mr. President, the machine is ready.

Panel 2:

We see a shadowy figure in front of a giant circular gate machine.( I guess like a Stargate, I never watched the show. Better yet like the thing they used in Johnny Quest to go into Quest World. )It is the silhouette of Abraham Lincoln, giant hat and everything.

Lincoln: Four score and seven minutes ago.

Panel 3:

Lincoln turns to face the wooden control panel.

Lincoln: There was only one of me.

Panel 4:

Close up of Lincoln's hand pressing a button.

Panel 5:

Sparks shoot from the machine and a swirl appears.

Panel 5:

Four more Lincolns are now behind him/ step out of the machine.

Panel 6:

Lincolns all at once: Ladies and gentlemen, do not be alarmed for we are on the precipice of greatness. We shall take back our nation.

Panel 7:

Based on the bestselling nonfiction book.

Panel 8:

We see Union and Confederate soldiers fighting.

Narrator: In a world torn apart by war, only one man could reunite it.

Panel 9:

We see the Lincolns posing for a picture.

Narrator: And there are 22 of him.

Panel 10:

Zoom in on evil Lincoln

Narrator: But one....

Panel 11:

Closer zoom, he has vampire fangs or something evil.

Narrator: was evil.

Panel 12:

Evil Lincoln shoots another Lincoln at the Ford Theatre

Panel 13:

Evil Lincoln stabs another Lincoln.

Panel 14:

Lincoln talks to Grant in his office.

Lincoln: General Grant, we have to stop him. Each clone he kills, the stronger he gets.

Grant: Sir, there is one thing you have that he does not posses.

Panel 15:

Grant pulls out a submachine gun.

Grant: True firepower.

Panel 16:

Evil Lincoln is seen giving a speech outside.

Evil Lincoln: Our nation officially surrenders to the South.

Panel 17:

The crowd looks shocked.

Panel 18:

Lincoln walks through the crowd carrying the guns, looking like Rambo meets Abraham Lincoln along with two other Lincolns similarly equipped.

Lincoln: Hear ye hear ye. Your shit is about to get fucked up.

Panel 19:

Caption of Team of Rivals

Panel 20:

Lincoln and the other Lincolns aim at evil Lincoln.

Lincoln: I'll emancipate the shit out of you.

Panel 21:

Evil Lincoln smirks:

Evil Lincoln: We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

This is actually disturbingly funny. Nice job, Koltreg.